I Try the 'Meghan Markle" Facial - The Sculptural Facial Massage at Skinography


When I first heard about the Sculptural Facial Massage at Skinography I was excited. This facial is Hailed by countless celebrities worldwide like Meghan Markle, Kate Moss & Keira Knightly as their go-to Red carpet & Royal wedding skin prep. I was nervous however when Kate told me I would need to say “Aah”.

Kate from Skinography is the only Facialist in New Zealand to hold the Advanced certification in this method and I am beyond proud of her. Earlier this year she followed her dreams and travelled to Los Angeles to train under internationally acclaimed Russian specialist Yakov Gershkovich, in his The Sculptural Facial Massage technique.

This practice involves Osteopathy, Cranialsacral, Deep Tissue as well as Lympatic drainage philosophies. The Sculptural Facial Massage technique restructures, sculpts and redefines the jawline + cheekbones to create a chiseled effect. Touted as the ultimate facelift alternative without going under the knife.

What is The Sculptural Facial?

Facial muscles are manipulated by massaging deep inside the cheek and jaw area to sit higher, creating a more lifted structure + defined facial contours. Lymphatic drainage effectively removes toxins, draining and eliminating puffiness + fluid retention while increasing blood circulation. This encourages more nutrition rich & oxygenated blood to flow freely, feeding the skin cells + muscle tissue, improving regeneration + restoration of skin and facial tissues. Tighten sagging skin and wind back the years.


My experence

The 60 minute treatment is very hands on, intense but feels great, Kate preformed a range of lifting movements. Vigorous but effective. After she has worked my face, my jawline, even my lips it turns buccal - this is the bit where I say “Aah:.

I was scared at first but it is fine, your teeth are closed, and it is relaxing as the inside of the mouth, lips and jawline where mimical muscles are deeply massaged and tension released.

The result, my face was more alive, cheeks higher, a glow and contoured jawline. I was blown away! It was a true workout for my face and I will be booking again!

I loved it, LOVED IT, and will be booking again. Just like a workout I feed the effects on day two.

I just had the massage only, but will be booking for the Full Facial and Massage next time.

$280 | 60 Minutes - Massage only

$340 | 90 Minutes - Full Facial + Massage

Kate is amazing, I am super proud of her work and watching her grow and thrilled to call her a friend.

Hannah xx