Here Are My Favourite Christmas Gifts Which Encourage Self-Love


Christmas is coming and this year I am very much thinking about what gifts I am giving, and if gifts are even necessary? So rather than be a grinch and say NO to gifts, this year I am being smart with my shopping. Picking items that will create memories, be used for self love, and more.

Here are some of my favourite gifts to allow for Self-Love.

1. Skinography Facial Voucher - I actually got this for my mum. If you have someone who deserves some time out, some RnR and the very best then I suggest Kate at Skinography. My mother is the perfect person and I am hoping this starts her off on a skin journey. What I like about Kate’s voucher is it comes in a box so I’m not just giving mum an envelope under the tree.

2. SodaStream - This is a gift that people do not realise they need it until they have it. I now couldn’t imagine life without my Sodastream. It encourages me to drink more water and stay away from juices or diet sodas when I need to quench my thirst. With Sodastream you are not just giving a machine but much more - SodaStream is a fantastic way to save you money long-term and reduce your environmental impact and drink more water!

3. L’OCCITANE and The New Zealand Blind Foundation - Give a gift that is more than a gift. This month, for every 150ml Shea Butter Hand Cream sold in New Zealand L’OCCITANE will be donating $1 back to the Blind Foundation to support the practical and emotional assistance they provide for the tens of thousands of kiwis who are blind or have low vision. It doesn’t just stop there at L’OCCITANE. This Christmas, CASTELBAJAC Paris and L’OCCITANE have designed a collection which features the constellation of values that demonstrates the strong commitments of the L’OCCITANE Brand. I love it, because as I look at this limited edition collection I know I have invested in a brand that gives back, gives more.

4. Trade Me Kindness Store - If you have extra money this year, then head to the Trade Me Kindness Store, buy a gift for the charity of your choice, and Trade Me will make sure it gets to them – easy peasy way to get involved and help out The Starship Foundation, Women's Refuge, and the SPCA. I made a purchase and I encourage you all to do what you can.

5. Chapter Bag - Im not vegan, not even vegetarian but I am a dog lover and love the idea of vegan leather. Chapter Handbags are vegan handbags, which are stunning, affordable and must have’s this Christmas! I have one and I cannot get enough, I also feel incredible knowing it’s vegan.

6. CLIQUE Fitness Tights - Everyone must have a pair of these tights. I am serious. I have 4 pairs and if you know someone who isn’t on that Clique buzz then getting them a pair of tights will be the best gift you can give. CLIQUE Tights last, they are high waisted, they stay put and feel secure. They provide full coverage during squats, lunges and while bending over. They do it all and make the perfect gift.

Okay, That is it for now! If you have any other suggestions please just let me know!

Hannah xx