I'm Going To Bali! - Travel Insurance and the importance of the fine print


I am off to Bali shortly , and after three years of sponsorship by Worldcare travel insurance, I decided this time I would ‘Shop Around’ just to make sure I was getting a policy to best suit my needs. Ironically, even after my comparisons, it ended up that Worldcare travel insurance was still able to provide the most suitable cover and I remain delighted to be be able to continue my support for the brand.  

While in Bali, I have a feeling we will be hiring a scooter. My partner rides a motorcycle everyday and when it comes to simple transport it will be a great option. It might not happen of course, we might not even touch a scooter but I want to be on holiday with peace of mind.

As I was looking at different policies I was comparing prices and what they stood for. It wasn’t until I read the small print attached to all the polices that I realised several differences. This highlighted to me the importance of reading the small print when it comes to travel insurance.

Firstly, what exactly is travel insurance?

Basically, travel insurance is designed to cover unexpected medical emergencies and events such as trip cancellation, your personal effects, lost, stolen or damaged luggage by an airline, and other related losses incurred while traveling. You never know what could happen am I right?!

What and who are you insuring?

Which travel insurance policy is best for you? Make sure you know what your needs are and your situation, even if some of it is a loose idea, it will help! With Bali I kinda jotted it all down, a quick overview.

  • Where are you traveling to?

  • How are you traveling? Flights, rental cars etc.

  • What activities will you be doing – Skiing, ski diving, or other adventurous activities? (I don’t think I will be Skiing in Bali haha!)

  • Length of trip

  • Who are you traveling with - kids?

  • Value of the goods you are taking with you

A note on that last point, more is less! For Bali I am leaving all my rings and special jewellery at home and I really don’t need to be taking my Laptop now do I.

Now with this all in mind check out those details, those exclusions.

So let’s take my Bali trip as an example. I am traveling with my partner to Bali. It will be two weeks long, Nothing crazy is happening. Snorkling and Scooter riding is a possibility. We will not be taking much with us, but I will have my Canon Camera with me and AJ has Go-Pro. The Policy I have gone with is the Worldcare GoComprehensive Travel Insurance Plan and P.S This is the third year in a row (Why I shop around is beyond me!)

Now AJ and I might rent a scooter in Bali, we might not, but we might just so this was a consideration for me.

Upon reading the fine print of the polices I was interested in I found many differences between polices around Scooter or Moped hirage and what the policy covers.

Under general exclusions the Worldcare GoComprehensive Travel Insurance policy states:

This policy does not cover any loss, damage, liability, death or incapacity directly or indirectly caused by or arising from:

24. riding a moped or motorcycle (whether as driver or passenger) in any of the following circumstances: i. where the engine capacity is more than 200cc; or ii. without a helmet; or iii. without a valid driver’s licence as required in the country you are in.

Now as I was shopping around I found this to be a considerable point of difference between brands. For SCTI - You need to be aware that moped is an optional add on to your policy, it isn’t included for that ‘just in case’ moment and another brand I struggled to find reference at all.

This is just one example and super specific to me, but It does make a great example of why you should read the fine print. Also if we do get a scooter in Bali, I will be checking it fits to this policy, again, just in case.

Now I know this isn’t the most exciting blog topic EVER but It is important, really important. Yes you should spend the money on travel insurance, and since you are read the fine print, get it right, do it properly and feel rest assured.

Now thanks to Worldcare, who are sponsoring this post I have a discount code for 10% off for you. Just use the code MODERN10 and you are good to go! A wee disclaimer is found on the end of this blog.

I am beyond excited about Bali and nothing is going to stop me!

Hannah xx

*Policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Before making a decision please consider the policy wording. 10% discount offer is valid for online purchases only and expires on
21/12/19. 10% discount applies to Worldcare standard pricing and any additional premium for pre-existing medical cover but does not apply to any additional premium for specified items or other discounted offers.