Things to Consider if You Want to Get Hair Extensions


Loxy's changed my life when it came to getting hair extensions and I learnt there are a lot of things to consider. As a first timer I had lots of questions, in fact I toyed with the idea for about 6 months before taking the plunge (Read that blog here) Getting hair extensions does require a little bit of considering, especially if you want to book in with the best Loxy's. People still ask me about my extensions, how they work and if I will get them again!  Good news I am but not till August. In the meantime, I decided to refresh myself, and you guys, and ask Kate the owner of Loxy’s Hair Boutique to share some insights.

1         Consider your lifestyle 

"Although good hair extensions shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain, having thick hair in general will take more time to care for. Take a look at your current hair routine and decide if you have the ability to add in a bit more time here. For example, if you’re washing your hair 2-3 times per week and already blow drying/styling it, then easy! The extensions will just take a little longer to dry. However, if you’re washing your hair daily, or swimming, then the extra time may get a bit annoying and you’ll find that your extensions won’t last quite as long because of the added wear and tear. There’s always options here though, so you could explore clip ins instead if the maintenance that comes with permanent extensions doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle!"

2         Your budget

"Good hair extensions shouldn’t cost the earth but equally won’t be super cheap! You really do get what you pay for, so invest wisely. If a full head of permanent extensions are out of your budget, consider whether or not you could have less hair put in for a similar but not quite as dramatic result, or clip ins! Clip ins are a great and lower cost option when it comes to extensions and because you don’t sleep in them, or wash them multiple times per week you’ll get a lot longer out of them."

3         Select the right color 

"This is everything! No doubt we have all seen super obvious hair extensions that just aren’t the right colour. Blonde is not just blonde! There’s too many shades to count. Getting the perfect colour is the only way to get extensions that’ll look completely natural and undetectable. Extensions come in a range of colours these days (including two-tone/highlighted, lowlighted) so your chances of getting a match for your colour is great. If for some reason you can’t, have a reputable salon do a strand test, then custom colour extensions to your natural hair for a perfect result. This goes for balayage/root fades too, deepen the base of the extensions for a seamless result, so when the wind blows you don’t see blonde extensions against your deeper root colour."

4         The length 

"Again one of the non-negotiables to perfect and seamless extensions. Getting the length right is make or break when it comes to a natural result. Ultimately the length of your natural hair will completely dictate what length you can achieve with extensions. If you are growing out a pixie cut, you’ll not be able to achieve long Kim K locks. Keep in mind that your natural hair length will become a layer in the extensions, so the shorter your hair is, the harder it’ll be to achieve super long locks. Be realistic, and if need be, compromise on super long length this time, then go for longer with your next set once your natural hair has grown out more."

5         Maintenance. You will be expected to come in every 5-7 weeks.

Permanent extensions require regular maintenance 5-7 weekly depending on how quickly your hair grows, how much your hair sheds, and whether or not your natural hair has a tendency to knot up. As a general rule, the earlier the better, to prevent any damage to your natural hair. Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding damage, and keeping your natural hair in tip top shape.

Ready to take the leap or want to know more? You can head to this blog post for more information. 

A massive thanks to Kate from Loxy’s for answering all these amazing questions! If you have any more please head to or give them a follow on Instagram and check out all the amazing transformations. 

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Photo by Noah Hinton