Thinking About Getting Hair Extensions? Here is What you need to Know 


You might remember me when I had hair extensions right? Well, it's been a while (2014!!!! You can read the post here -  and people still ask me about my extensions, how they work and if I will get them again!  Good news I am but not till August. In the meantime, I decided to refresh myself, and you guys, and ask Kate the owner of Loxy's Hair Boutique to share some insights.  1         Extensions Can Be Quick and Affordable:

In my opinion I found extensions to be quick and surprisingly affordable. Kate agreed - "Traditionally extensions take hours to install hence the hefty price tag! However methods like the micro weave system we work with at Loxy’s take up to an hour for installation, then half an hour for blending them into your hair for a super natural and seamless result. Less application time also means less price tag, which is great but be sure to prioritize quality. You definitely get what you pay for, so cheaper hair may not go the distance time wise and may need to be replaced more often." 

2         Extensions can be low maintenance: 

"This all comes down to having the right amount of extension hair for your head and getting the basics of maintaining them right. Ultimately having extensions is just the same as having longer and thicker natural hair, it takes longer to dry and a little more maintenance. Get the fundamentals right and they’ll easily fit into your life! Invest time in washing and drying them properly, using good products and tying them up at night and you’ll find they’re significantly easier to manage."

For me I was able to extend my hair washes out, opting for a Pony tail on day two. Without them, I am washing every day. 

3         Hair extensions are not just gluing, taping or bonding, there are other techniques 

Kate Confirmed "while these have been the most common methods when extensions first came about, there’s now more options when it comes to extension methods and those that don’t involve any gluing or braiding. The micro weft system we work with at Loxy’s involves wide rows of hair (wefts) held in using small silicone banded micro rings which are gentle on your natural hair but strong enough to hold in the extensions. Extensions have become so mainstream these days it’s easy to think that they’re suitable/safe for everyone and the truth is that they aren’t! While some hair types may work well with tapes, braiding and bonding, others won’t. Do your research when it comes to which extensions are right for your hair so that you can be confident in the method and the long term health of your hair. Be sure to visit a salon you can trust that has your best interests at heart instead of the best thing for their pocket!"

4         There's Something for Everyone

"In the past extensions have been all about length, length, length and may even conjour up images of blonde playboy-type models! These days extensions (or the ones we do anyway!) are all about a natural look. The right amount of length and volume for you so that you’re not drowning in hair, and have a seamless, undetectable result that will make even your closest pals doubt themselves and think they’ve forgotten that you just have dreamy full hair. We have clients coming in of all ages (our youngest being 16 and oldest being 71) for extensions and they’re not just for length. Sadly some of us weren’t lucky enough to be blessed with full thick locks so a half head of extensions used as volumisers can be just the ticket to changing your locks (and life) while still maintaining the length and style you had previously." 

A massive thanks to Kate from Loxy's for answering all these amazing questions! If you have any more please head to or give them a follow on Instagram and check out all the amazing transformations. 

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