How To Transform Your Beauty Look With One Product


Recently I have been experimenting with lashes and how to take my look just one step further. I discovered that with one additional product I was able to get that wow factor I was after. The result - more confidence, more fun, and more glamor - I also got a lot more compliments. To show you what I mean I enlisted the help of Grayson Coutts, my makeup artist. He did his thing, and we took photos.




Then we decided to take it next level applying the one product which took this look from WOW to AMAZING. The Product? Glam by Manicare Lashes.


Inspired by the Glam By Manicare Lashes vs No Lashes experiment. Grayson applied the lashes - without mascara and well you be the judge.



AMAZING RIGHT - You can check out the side by side images on Instagram here.

If you want to watch the experiment you can do so below.

Thank you to Manicare, Grayson Coutts, and Annupam Photography.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl