Just in Time for Summer - Laser Hair Removal with Caci


The sun is starting to appear and with that comes bikini season. I've kicked up my beauty routine to prepare and am doing a little spring cleaning so to speak. Along with getting my brows microbladed,  laser hair removal was also high on my to-do list. Finally this month I headed into Caci on High Street for a laser hair removal treatment ( Caci actually use VPL Variable Pulsed Light), taking advantage of their current offer: treat two areas for the price of one. My visit at Caci on High Street was better than I expected. Not only did I feel relaxed and safe, but I felt at home from the get-go.  For a first timer laser hair removal or VPL as it's called can be scary, particularly when it is close to those sensitive areas so finding somewhere that is trusted,  professional and comfortable are very important. I felt at ease and relaxed at Caci from the second I walked in.

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One should note I have had Laser Hair Removal in the past, on my legs, underarms, and bikini and I haven't been too happy with the results so stopped going. The technique was inconsistent resulting in a patchy finish. In each treatment only 30% of the hairs are in the perfect cycle for the treatment so when the therapist just goes boom boom done one time and then the next month spends forever I didn't know what was going on and it felt like maybe I was throwing my money into the wind a little. I ended up having whoever was available when I arrived,  I wasn't down with that.

At Caci, they have a one year programme to ensure you get great results, and I felt assured knowing that they have been offering laser hair removal for over 20 years and have treated over 20,000 clients.  They also have an exclusive guarantee with their laser gaur removal program called Freedom. The Caci Freedom programme consists of a 12 month VPL hair removal treatment plan aiming for an 80% reduction in the area being treated. If you do not get to an 80% reduction at the end of your treatment course, you will receive some additional treatments to really give it a push – there are T&C’s that apply, but I felt at ease knowing about this guarantee.

Caci also has strict procedures and protocols that are to be adhered to by the team that ensures the best results for each treatment.

I was asked many questions before the procedure even began, and my therapist had great breathing techniques to help me when it got a little ouchy. BUT HONESTLY, it's a billion times better than a bikini wax!

I'm going in next week to get something else done which I am super excited about (Stay tuned on the blog for this!), but while I am there I am going to ask for a consultation to get my legs done because imagine hardly ever having to shave! #TheDream

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl