Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection


We all know I am a MASSIVE Nike fan right? Yeah you do! I have more recently buying Nike active leisure wear by way of cardigans and singlets so even if I am not getting my sweat on my Nike is still keeping me cool (looking cool, that is) Nike have dropped their latest the Nike Beautiful x Powerful collection and I wanted to share it with you. Iza Goulart in Los Angeles for the Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection.

In two hours, 24 minutes and 52 seconds, Joan Benoit Samuelson ignited a revolution. The year was 1984, the location: Los Angeles, the event: the first women’s marathon in the history of the Games. This was a turning point as it was the belief that women weren’t physically capable of enduring such distances. Distances more than 1500 meters.  The race itself was the result years of campaigning for the inclusion by the International Runners Committee, a group created by a group of female runners who were supported by Nike. (YAY FOR NIKE RIGHT?)

Beautiful X Air Max Thea Jacquard

So with all that said the Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection celebrates this evolution, starting with that seminal Samuelson win and is Nike’s first footwear collection inspired by female athletes and their boundary-breaking accomplishments.


The 8-piece sneaker collection is designed for everyday wear (not for the gym) and features four styles either in a speed-stripe jacquard or an all black leather.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on the collection as I think it will be perfect for the office in the sleek smart black.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl