Six Things I Do When I'm Feeling Down


We all get it, at times we all feel low and for a number of reasons or sometimes it's just because. Sometimes it runs deeper. Depression is one of those things that not many people talk about and interestingly enough the advice given can be although helpful the #struggleisreal - When I am in my deepest I don't want to eat or get out of bed yet they recommend healthy foods and exercise.

Here are six things I do when I am feeling down which might just help you too.

  1. I give myself a day My best friend Jessica told me to take the day, cry it out and be down. That means stay in bed if I want to, then the next day I tackle the world, knowing that I have allowed myself some time. Usually, it works a charm but it's all part of the don't be hard on yourself attitude.
  2. I tell people  I used just to say "I am stressed, or busy" but now I am open and honest. It's hard, and I usually get nervous about things like people thinking I am dramatic or attention seeking but honestly don't. Don't give any fucks, just do you. I have found that telling people helps them back off a little and give me the understanding that I need.
  3. Do You Weirdly I have found that writing on the blog, like this post now, is super helpful. I feel like I'm investing into myself and allowing myself to be me. I have also stopped caring what anyone thinks; my focus right now is me.
  4. Set Mini Goals  For me weirdly a clean room or car or whatever helps me relax. So often I set mini goals to ensure that I am on top of situations. This weekend I took my car to get washed and man it feels good. Also - I had a mini goal to do budgets....turns out when I am going through a lull I shop which doesn't help my bank balance. Setting mini goals and getting the "To Do" list sorted made me realize patterns.
  5. Take a social media break - You will forget about all the things you can buy in a heart beat and can focus more on you. Kinda impossible when you're a social media manager, but even a limit makes the world of difference.
  6. It's the small things. Light a candle, watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, apply a facemask, shave your legs, walk to the letter box, add a lemon wedge to your water - It is these small things that help, and I am doing something for me each and every time.What are your tips?

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl Image by shutterstock.