I Model The Latest from New Balance - Spring 2016


When it comes to Fashion, I am all about the activewear. Right now about 60% of my wardrobe is workout gear, so It's no surprise that when the latest from New Balance dropped I was keen to model it. - Well maybe not keen to model it haha but I did. With the help of Annupam, we went down, and I got my "Model" on. hannah-4177

First up where the Vanzee Pace v2, valued at NZ$220 these shoes are the ultimate for running and on this dark rainy day the grip, the padding and the reflective strip where all of value to me - They went well with the complete outfit also. Pairing perfectly with the Premium Performance Print Capri.

I liked this New Balance Capi, I am not a Capri girl, however, the cut on this one made my booty look good (Those important things of course).


To complete the look, I am wearing the new Metro Run Crop sports bra; a medium impact fit this sports bra is a new fave, The features on the back are comfortable but they also look good, and the padding helps provide support and shape. The live saver on the day, of course, was the New Balance Lite Packable Jacket,  it was wind and shower proof, but I particularly liked how it allowed for shape.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl