The Silver Lining to Being Cheated On and Five Things I Learnt In The Process


I know right? Being cheated on, or replaced or whatever actually sucks. So far in my 28 years of existence, it has caused me the worst pain and confusion as a human I have encountered.  Never have a felt so hurt, but someone I loved, and still love and yet I here I am.  As I work on me and building a stronger base, a stronger me,  I have been trying to turn it around,  I believe in finding the silver lining, #goodvibesonly and all that and here is what I have learnt.

  1. Trust and honesty mean so much more Being honest and holding trust has such an important role in my life.  I do not lie, and I will always be open and upfront about who or what is going on and most importantly within relationships. Communication also comes hand in hand here.  I have huge respect for communication. Speak your mind, don't hold back.
  2. Kindness is key  Humans are horrible to one another and I just don't get it. If I play back the track on my relationship I could have pinpointed ways in which the 'kindness" route could have been taken by him. Time and time again.  I like to think I have always been kind but now, not only will one strive to give kindness but also appreciate it when it's received.
  3. You know how tough you are So I like to think now one of the worst things to happen to me in a relationship is done. I've experienced it, got the T-shirt and hopefully it won't ever happen again and if it does, well I know I will survive and I am one tough cookie. Nothing with beat.
  4. You do You  Learning from experience, I have never been so invested in me. At the time, I felt weak, unwanted and not good enough. Sometimes I still do but the experience has and is teaching me to focus on me, love me, and do me. I'm not perfect at this. In fact, I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking about him but it's a work in progress.
  5. You will be a better human Once you've been treated like shit you will have so much more respect and care for how you treat others. You will be a better human for it, and you will likely never treat someone how they treated you. you will be the better person.

Yeah, I know most days I say there is no silver lining so this post is for those days, selfishly it is for me to read when my heart skips a beat and I miss him, which quite frankly I don't believe will ever go away, but that's okay too. It is what it is and I am learning to love myself more, which means putting yourself first. always.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl

Photo by Shutterstock.