This Ring is Everything, The Anti Engagement Ring


I am proud of myself, and I love myself but sometimes, just sometimes I forget that I am amazing, amazing in my own little way. Thanks to Melody Godfred and Samira Far of Fred and Far, there is now a ring that you can wear on your pinky as a pinky promise to yourself to treat yourself with care and love.


In a way, it is an Anti engagement ring. Engagement Ring equals a commitment to another were as the Self Love Pinky Ring equals a commitment to yourself.

Engage yourself.

Fred and Far are amazing, I've fallen in love with them, their philosophy. The works.

IMG_0080_1024x1024_a6584597-f845-4252-9e91-70e22d843d45_1024x1024 The pinky ring retails starting at US$150 for your choice of 14k yellow, white, or rose gold, and the stone is made from white sapphire. The white sapphire is "conflict free," which means they're not made in impoverished working environments.

I want one.

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl