What I Wore - Girl's Night Out


So I have been tinkering around fashion sites recently and my latest look was inspired by a couple of items I picked up on NZSALE.  The heels I got off NZSALE last year are from Guess they have been amazing. I was shopping around recently and picked up a few more items for a girls night out. I have been having a few of these recently, girls nights, dinners, hen's parties. It's been awesome but I have been paired with the 'what do I wear' scenario.

I hit up NZSALE and got a couple of items from a brand called 'London Chic' - I was pretty excited when they arrived and in fact wore the scalloped top to my sister's birthday dinner that night, since then I have also worn this look on a girls night out and before I hit the town I got Haley Guildford Photographer to take some snaps for the good old blog - I am yet to do a 'going out' look so thought it could be fun.





I mentioned this in my last WIWT post, but recently I have been feeling a little blah with my health and my body image so I was a little nervous about shopping online and what size to get and so forth but I checked and NZSALE had a pretty good returns policy so my mind was put at ease. The product descriptions where handy too - It always helps to know what size the model is wearing.

I managed to get two tops, a skirt and those wet look tights all for under $100 I was pretty impressed and I remember when I got those Guess heels, they where a complete bargain at the time too so it is worth checking out. I was actually on NZSALE earlier and they has Stila Cosmetics....I was tempted, I love Stila so much but am thinking they would make just the Christmas gift for my little sis.

I hope you like this post. A MASSIVE thanks to Haley of course for her great work (I'm not sure if I was in the best mood that day - I was rush rush rush! ) Check her out Haley Guildford Photographer. 

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl