I’ve tried all the collagen powders…..

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Yes. I’ve tried all of the top Collagen powders on the market right now and I well I can break it down for you and let you know my honest thoughts.

I probably don't have to tell you: Collagen is trendier than ever. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body—found in our tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, and blood vessels—and plays a vital role in maintaining its structural integrity. But unfortunately, our bodies produce much less collagen as we age, and we're consuming far less of it from natural sources than we used to. Taking collagen is associated with a number of health benefits. it is said that it may improve skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness. They may also help increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain. Everyone right now is raving on skin health, nail and hair growth!

Now two things before I start - Firstly I have been gifted some of these powders and right now I’m sponsored by one brand. I will point these out, and the below blog will strip that away and you will see my WHY. The second thing to note - I’m no ingredients specialist. These are my conclusions and rationale. If anything is not clear please ask me or do some research.

VERY CLEAR HERE. To me, collagen is collagen. They all in the end should do what they say, and for all the brands below I’ve seen people, mostly influencers get results. Because of this I have focused on collagen levels and vitamin c levels. What you get for what you are paying for.

I will start this blog by listing all the ones I’ve tried, how I came about it (ie. gifted or did I buy it) and my summary. I’ll end this blog with which one I would buy and why.

Jeuneora Renew+ Marie Collagen Powder
Product: NZD$129.95
Status: I’ve brought this product on three occasions
Summary: A great product, cool packaging. But its the most expensive of the five I have tried at $4.33 per serve! I loved that they had a mixed berry flavour without compromising the amount of collagen, so I did buy this to work with my smoothie.

Cailfornia Gold Nutrition
Product: NZD$49
Status: I’ve brought this once, because it was cheap and I wanted to test it for the blog.
Summary: A great product, with an epic cost per serve of .55 cents. The levels of Collagen and vitamin C are very comparable to Jeueora but without the price tag. It is unflavoured - so you will need to add it into smoothies, coffees, etc - but if anything it makes this baby more attractive. Downside - It is not NZ Made nor an NZ brand. You have to get it from iherb.

Adashiko Collagen Ultra
Product: NZD$94.95
Status: Was gifted, and brought. Used for six months
Summary: A great product, I actually loved it, but sadly when I pop it on my spreadsheet it is middle of the pack. They do say it that Adashiko is the best-absorbed version of collagen available, and have added in Co Q10 and Elastin. I like that they have got a supporting skincare range.

Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder Unflavoured
Product: NZD$99.95
Status: Was gifted - but in a goodie bag, not from the company.
Summary: BLOWN AWAY HERE. 9950mg of Collagen per serve! and around 10mg of Vitamin C. Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder is simple, but one high dose, blowing the others out of the water. It comes in three flavours - well one of those is unflavoured but having options is great.

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QT For You, Belle
Product: NZD$109
Status: Firstly gifted, then brought, then Sponsored - HANNAH15 For 15% off.
Summary: This is not a just a collagen - its an Internal cosmetic with a focus on beauty. Because of this, I was not so keen to include it in my summary, but with 4500mg of Collagen Qt for You is up there! At this stage it is only one flavour - passion fruit which does limit it. The ingredient list is epic: Tremella, the incredible anti-aging botanical, works in unison with collagen to visibly hydrate and nourish the skin and enhance bone and joint strength. Natural Silica boosts collagen synthesis and eliminates toxins in the gut, enabling the greater uptake of nutrients, while Vitamin C also maximises the absorption of nutrients allowing for optimal results. Lotus is a powerful antioxidant that counteracts free radical damage, making the skin more resistant to lifestyle aging. I also like they have a male and female range.

Here is a wee spreadsheet I drew up:

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 6.43.42 PM.png

My picks:

Want to give collagen ago, reluctant to spend the money? Look I get it, money can be tight and well will this collagen stuff work? If you are keen to try it but not shell out serious money than Cailfornia Gold Nutrition is you. It’s cheap, and I know it does the job. I have an iherb code too so you can save even more.

More than Collagen? Skin is key? Honestly spend the money and go for QT For You, - Hell use my discount code HANNAH15 For 15% off. This is what I use, and will continue to use to help aid my skin journey. It has the perfect amount of Collagen to help with all those other benefits but just so many added values. It is one magical drink and to me makes the most sense. I look at the above spreadsheet and see a close race, but with all the extras QT has my money and my vote.

Runner up? Two Islands. Honestly - they have kept it simple for fast results.

Okay team! I hope this helps! At the end of the day just do you!

Hannah xx