Doing It For Yourself - How I Celebrate Me!


Berlei's latest campaign 'Do It For Yourself' celebrates women doing whatever they need to do to honor themselves and it got me thinking about what I do to celebrate myself.  For Berlei ambassador, Serena Willians, it's all about letting go and dancing! I saw this video below and loved it. It was great to see Serena off the court and doing something she loves. Something Just for her. 

Berlei asked me to share how I 'Do it for Yourself' and two things came to mind. Me time and PIZZA (duh!).

Although pizza is not the best food for self-love it is mentally the best thing for me. Over summer I take a walk up Mt Eden or Mt Victoria, pizza in hand, I sit, I relax and I enjoy. No company, Just me myself, and my pizza.

I relax over my favorite meal and I often like to do it alone, to think, to enjoy, bite by bite. I reflect on my goals and I also get a walk in and some fresh air in my lungs too. 

It's how I make time for me, everyone has to eat, and the walk is soothing as the sun sets! 

I really love this Berlei campaign and if you do to make sure you check out the range at Farmers. 

So how do you #DoItForYourself? 

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