For the Love Of Rose Gold - PANDORA Rose


My mother loves Rose Gold and when I see rose gold I think of her. I think of old love, Vintage, elegance and classical are all words that come to mind. The PANDORA Rose™ collection embodies all these things so I explored it more. Luminous and elegant, PANDORA Rose™ jewellery combines a unique blend of metals to capture new and unforgettable moments in warm pink-hued jewellery.

I really had fun with the rings, and often you can find earrings and necklaces within the PANDORA range to match. Pictured here is the PANDORA Rose Sparkling Love Knot Ring, the PANDORA Rose Hearts of PANDORA Halo Ring and the PANDORA Rose Classic Hearts of PANDORA Ring

The details - I love the hearts that frame the side of the PANDORA Rose Classic Hearts of PANDORA Ring. Also shown here is the PANDORA Rose Shimmering Puzzle Heart Frame Ring and the PANDORA Rose Puzzle Heart Ring. Both these rings can be worn alone or can be stacked with a smaller heart ring, which sits within the cut-out frame.

Don't tell mum but she will be getting this baby for Christmas - Anything catch your eye? 

The Modern Girl

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