Instagram - How I Work The Gram


Instagram right now, well I love it and I hate it. I love it as a forum to talk with my friends, see what is happening and be inspired. I hate it personally as I am struggling with it. Struggling to find my voice, my point of different, struggling to create content I love - but I am getting there. I also struggle with Instagram as it seems to hold such importance when in reality my blog offers more, and Facebook has more NZ eyeballs a day. 

I have several Instagram accounts, but the one under the most pressure is my The Modern Girl account, the rest they are just for a good time. 

I get often asked how I work my Instagram, and I thought I would share some of my do's and don'ts. 

1. Engage - Goes without saying but engaging to me is pretty important on Instagram. I support my friends and on whole pretty much will like and/or comment on every piece of content that I across past. If I follow you, I support you, and your content should give me something. 

Engaging also helps me feel connected to my friends, it also lets them know their content kicks ass. 

2. Content - For me, I try and create content that gives you something, may it be that I ask you a question, maybe I share a fact, or talk about something inspiring or RELATABLE (That's my personal keyword).For me, seeing a girl posed in an outfit I cannot afford, although is pleasing to look out, it just doesn't give me anything of value. It doesn't add value to my life. I follow a lot of American girls who inspire me with Monday motivation tips, self-love insights (without piling it on thick and fake)  and workout tips. Girls who inspire. 

I often find myself in a loophole however following girls who just look pretty or don't give me anything, so I try to monthly have a natural health cull. 

3. Enjoy Instagram - When I go on Instagram a goal for me is to enjoy it. I often scroll explore to find more inspiring babes (as mentioned above who give me value) but also because I enjoy it. From memes, through to quotes through to seeing digital friends share cute images with their kids, to friends sharing successes, milestones and growth.

There is a lot of good when it comes to Instagram, and sometimes it helps me feel connected. 

4. Keep true to yourself - Last year I played around with all sorts of Instagram options. GUILTY. I tried them, realised it wasn't for me, it didn't work. There is no bot, no company, no anyone that can be you remember that. I tried it because I wanted to know more about these services. I work in social media and clients wanted to know more, services like Social Envy appeared attractive to them. In a world where you suggest "Do It Yourself" yet time is a factor, the struggle was real, I wanted to prove otherwise. 

See in March, April and May some severe Follow and UnFollow action going on? Yeah and look at the follower growth, no real change as if I was to just kept doing me. 

5. Don't focus on followers, likes and comments - I know it can be hard, but is it that important, NO! I look at Social Blade often but more just to give me an overall picture. Right now I see a bleak future for my account, so Social Blade is served as a reminder I still have a lot of work when it comes to finding my voice.  

I work daily to help other's with their social media accounts and success, and I am successful, yet when it comes to my brand, I bomb. I'll be honest. My Instagram lacks, I struggle with it, I am critical of it, but I bring myself back to point #5 and focus on the bigger picture. My blog is successful showing real stats, and my Facebook is a work in process, but that too is improving. 

Also again, Facebook is still king in my eyes, in New Zealand stats show Facebook remains popular with over 1.2 Million active daily users vs about 810k Instagram users. 

Why I wrote this blog post? Well, I have been doing some freelance writing recently around social media, and it got me thinking about my personal struggles. This I wanted to share. Ask my anything, 

The Modern Girl Photo by Carlie Morgan