It's Saturday...Here are 7 Reasons You Should Hit The Gym


Saturdays are one of those days where the gym just doesn't happen. I sleep in, usually rush to a beauty appointment and before I know it's too late for me to hit the gym - social life has taken over. Not this morning! This morning I am booked in with my PT Sheena (and IFBB PRO)  and we are going to hit those biceps and arms.

In case you're struggling to make time for the gym this morning here are seven reasons to get your butt there.

1. What bad will going to the gym bring? None!

2. Work on those booty gains


3. Your body will thank you in the long run

4. It will improve your sleep

5. You will get to wear active wear - an easy excuse to 'need' Beyonce's latest workout range.


6. It is proven that working out makes you happier

7. You will feel better for it - I promise

Hannah Rogers, The Modern Girl